Artificial Carbonated Bath Therapy

CO2 Bath Therapy:
Artificial carbonated bath therapy, which is effective for dramatic improvement of blood flow. For example, CO2 foot bath lowers amputation rate of patients with peripheral artery disease(PAD), and improves prognosis after amputation. CO2 whole body bath contributes to treat patients with chronic heart failure.
High concentration CO2 bath:
CO2 bath refers to hot water in which carbon dioxide gas (CO2) has been dissolved. The Hot Spring Law defines that CO2 bath means water containing > 250 ppm or more of carbon dioxide per liter. Especially, water with 1000 ppm or more of CO2 is called high-concentrated CO2 water, which is essential for medical treatment.
Effectiveness of CO2 bath:
When you take a CO2 bath, you will find small bubbles appearing on the skin. Carbon dioxide in the bubbles will permeate into the small vessels through skin holes, which will dilate peripheral vessels and improve blood flow.
Carbonated water will result in approximately three times greater blood flow compared with plain water. It is effective not only for improving sensitivity to cold, wound healing, stiff shoulder and etc., but also to promote parasympathetic nerve dominance due to lower pulse rates.
In addition, CO2 water also draws people’s attention in terms of beauty care such as astringent effect which CO2 water shrinks or constricts the skin due to its mild acidity.

Therapy for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) refers to a disease that prevents the vessels from sending sufficient nutrition and oxygen due to decreased blood flow caused by stenosis or occlusion coming from arteriosclerosis of the extremities. Chronic occlusion of large vessels of lower extremities could cause sensitivity to cold in mild cases or even necrosis in severe cases. There are many cases that continuous CO2 foot bath helps to improve blood flow and salvage amputation that is necessary in usual diagnosis.

Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure

Chronic heart failure, one of very critical complications for dialysis patients, is curable through CO2 whole body bath. CO2 water helps to dramatically decrease burden to the heart by dilating blood vessels.
Continuous CO2 bath is expected to improve chronic heart failure symptoms by recovering cardiac function.

High-concentration artificial hot water carbonator for home use

Carbonator for Home Use CO2 water is getting familiar due to the variety of bath salt, introduction of CO2 head spa at a hair salon or a public bath. However the effectiveness is limited due to lack of continuous use.
B-DA, with which you can easily experience the effectiveness of CO2 power at home, enables you to use carbonated shower just by replacing your shower hose. You can enjoy the benefit of CO2 water by long-term every-day use.

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